Our Books Are Here!

Tom and I went to the A Beka material display here in town a week ago to place our order for the new and FINAL year of our 2 oldest daughters.  It was a sad yet happy day for even though it was our final year for Katie and Maryanna, Chrisita will begin her preschool and "T" will not be far behind her.

It's always "Christmas" time when our new school books arrive.  ALL of us can't wait to open the box and see inside the new books.  Each child starts making their "own" stack of books.  The physics book looks a little scary to me...LOL~!  It's as BIG as a dictionary!!

I'm so glad that I ordered Christia a book for preschool (which I almost didn't) for she was SO excited to be part of the excitment.

Here is what our high school year will look like:
1. Bible - Genesis & Revelation
2. Math- Precalculus (honors)
3. Science- Physics (honors)
4. English 12
5. History- American Government & Economics
6. Speech & Family Consumer Science

I will be teaching Christia preschool using some of the A Beka materials.  You can look at my older post here to see what her day will look like. 

Now that our new books are in we can enjoy the summer, but NOT for long.  I want to make sure the girls (Katie and Maryanna) get a nice start this year, for we HAVE to have their reports done by a certain date if they want to attend the graduation in Pensacola, which they DO (I will be posting pictures)!

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