Fun Preschool Games

Summer is a busy time for most families and with preschoolers about it can be an unorganized mess IF you are not a little organized. Summer is also a great time to start teaching certain skills to your preschooler. Here is a GREAT summer or anytime game to teach your preschooler counting skills.

Picking up the cherries will also help with their motor skills. Other ways to help them in this area is putting together puzzles, playing with blocks, turning pages in the books that are read to them and putting things in and out of jars {my daughter LOVES that}.

Candyland is another FUN game that can start your preschooler on the way to learning colors.  Don't forget to talk about colors through out your day.  Like...would you like a red apple for a snack, you have a pretty blue shirt on today, or let's go play in the green grass.  Well, you get the idea. 

Bingo is ALWAYS fun and it comes in so many different ways now for preschoolers.  Look for ones that offer shapes, letters, numbers or picture words.  There are also TONS of memory games available now which as always been my childrens favorite.

One of may favorites is the sandbox.  Not only can they have a SUPER time digging and playing but you can use the sandbox to draw shapes, letters and numbers!  If you don't have the space for a sandbox (I know I didn't, when my older ones where small for we were in an apartment) then I used some LARGE baking dishes and filled them with sand or salt and we sat at the dinner table with our fingers or a straw and played there.

Also another fun item that my daughter Christia LOVES is sidewalk chalk.  I will sit with the baby out back while she makes a lovely picture on the patio for me.  It's hours of fun for her to draw, write, etc.

I hope this will give you a few ideas to get your summer and school year off and running.

Happy Homeschooling~!

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