High School Rings

WOW!  It's hard to believe that I'm looking at high school rings with my girls.  I still remember the excitement when it was time to order mine.  I remember looking through the book wondering HOW could I decide.  All of my friends were getting the traditional style ring, but I wanted something different.  I still can hear my friends telling me how silly I was going against tradition, but I didn't waver from what I wanted.

I knew so many young women who had stopped where their ring for they didn't like the look of it anymore.  So I wanted something that I KNEW I would wear all the time (rings were not cheap and I didn't want to waste my parents money) and that is just what I choose.  I didn't stop wearing my ring till I had children.  The only ring I wore was my wedding band.  Rings can be hard on the hands of a mother.  All the bottle washing, house cleaning, child bathing, etc.

I shared my ring story with my girls.  I wanted them to pick out something they would wear for a long time and would pass down to their children or grandchildren.
Happy Homeschooling~!

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  1. Won't be long and I'll be looking at high school rings with my oldest....where did the time go? :)



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