Building An Alphabet Book & Preschool Link Up Monday

I just LOVED making these with my older girls and NOW I get to do it again with Christia.  It's very easy and you don't need much to get started.

I like to do a letter a week.  This gives us plenty of time to learn the letter (perhaps the sound) and find great  items to put on the letter page.  I like to build the whole week around the featured letter.  Here is how I do it.


  • Construction Paper
  • String or Yarn
  • Markers, crayons OR both
  • Hole Punch
  • Old Magazines or computer print-outs
Instructions: Punch holes along one edge of the pieces of construction paper.  Line the holes up and thread the yarn through the holes and tie in a bow.  This makes the book.  

Now let me share with you a tip.  I found it better to let the child create each page first then at the end of the alphabet you help them create the book.  This way if there is a mistake or say... oh I don't know, PB&J gets on it... you don't have to take the book apart.  

Make sure you put in an extra page for the cover or title page.  Help your child give it a title or you can stick with the old tried and true... MY ALPHABET BOOK.

Now each page will feature a letter.  You can help the child by writing the letter on there OR you can go to Mr. Computer and print out a BIG letter that they can color and paste (does this show my age, we always had paste in school??) or glue on there.  THEN... find things in old magazines that you can cut out or go to Mr. Computer again and print out things that start with that letter OR you or your child can draw items that start with the letter.

I would sometimes let them glue {paste} yarn or beans around the letter to give it a little artistic flair.  Get creative with your book.  I also tried to find a snack that went with that letter.  Apple for A, banana for B.  I could not find one for X so I made cookies in the shape of X.  The main thing is have fun and let them show off their work to family and friends!!

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