Preschool Planning

I know that some homeschool famlies don't like to do formal preschool.  This is okay, I didn't do formal preschool with my 2 older daughters either.  They turned out just FINE!!

Now that we have a new additon to our family I had the desire to do formal preschool.  Christia shows GREAT interest in learning and I just feel that this is the thing to do for our family at this point.  If you are feeling the same as me, please read on.  I will share with you our preschool schedule.

You dot NOT have to buy a curriculum.  With the help of the internet and posting a few questions on preschool help on your favorite message boards you will have TONS of great finds to do your preschool.

I will be using A Beka for Christia.  A Beka has a wonderful schedule to go along with their preschool books.  Here is what it looks like.

Language Development- Monday - Friday (10 minutes a day)
Phonics- Monday, Wednesday, Friday (10 minutes a day)
Numbers- Tuesday, Thursday (10 minutes a day)
Skill Development- Monday- Friday (10 minutes a day)

Christia will have about 30 mintues each day of planned learning.  I like the thought of this for she will be doing school while her big sisters are doing school.  This will put her on a schedule.  The rest of the day she will be learing as well, but in a not so formal manner.  She will be in the kitchen with me while I cook meals.  Here she has her special cabinet with bowls, spoons and cups that are hers to play with and cook right along with Mom.  We will have reading time which is a MUST.  I want her to develope a love for books.  There will be "outside" time so that she can get out in the fresh air and just run and play.

She will also have 'quite' time which she will take a nap or laydown and listen to classical music.  There will be certain day of the week that we will go to the park, library, shopping , etc.  This is just a peek into our preschool day.


  1. I also used A Beka for my two daughters when they were preschool age. It has always worked well for me to have some type of schedule for us to follow!

  2. Hi,
    My children have a large gap in age, too. It's almost like having two separate families!
    My approach to preschool is based on the 4R's: Relationship, routine, readiness and reading aloud.
    I blog about homepreschool/homeschool at and hope you and you'll visit me there!

  3. Nice blog! I too have a 3 yr old preschool homeschooler, although I have to be honest, she is more like a Kindergardener now...does almost all of the same work...I enjoy your blog and am now a follower..hope you check us out too! Peace!

  4. Home Grown Families following you from the Hip Home School Hop.
    I am just NOT getting this preschooling stuff. I am SO lost. I have a post about Tot School coming up soon but I still haven't made up my mind. She's only 15 mos so I have some time.
    Thanks for sharing about ABecka, though! I didn't know they had a program for such young kids! Def something to keep in mind.
    Check us out! We're doing a BACK TO SCHOOL CHECK-UP and this weeks subject is school rooms. Come link up pics of your space (you have to at least see the pics of MY room. you wont believe it!)
    Thanks again for the info!

  5. I just discovered your blog from reading, Neagles Nest, and am so glad I did as a soon to be homeschooling mama!

  6. I didn't do preschool really with all of my other kids either but, like you, I am starting over and my 3 yr old likes to "do school" while all the older ones are doing their work. Its refreshing for me because he is like a sponge and loves it while the others are in need of motivation most of the time! (came by via Matter of the Heart blog hop)



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