Getting Started With The New Year

I love to get our ABA order in and start planning for our NEW year!!  I seperate everything out into different piles.  I have my stack and the girls each have theirs.  We then go over our list of items to make sure that we have everything.

I like to then sign on to our ABA account and download our calendar.  I take my highlighter and start marking the "breaks" in pink and the "reports due" in yellow.  I have a notebook style planner that I buy from Walmart for me to use, but I also like to put our school calendar on Google Calendar as well.  This helps me to stay organized.  Some may think this is double work, but since we travel A LOT I feel that I am covered if I happen to forget my computer OR my planner.  {I haven't thought about IF I forget both!!}

Once I have my stack of items, I take my Video Manual and I like to highlight ALL Quizes in pink, Tests in orange and Reports in yellow {my life is very colorful}.  I then start building our calendar.

ABA numbers all their lessons (which I LOVE, it helps me find things).  I then like to build my Google Calendar first.  Right now I'm working on highlighting!!  Happy Homeschooling Everyone!!

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