Quater Mile Math Software REVIEW!!

Referral Code DiscountGain math tenacity and speed velocity through the competitive drills in The Quarter Mile Math program. This drill–based program includes over 325 drills, is suitable for all ages.

This math software is easy to operate and anyone can increase math confidence and precision by using it. In the drills, which use dragsters or non-rider horses, players can compete against themselves or in tournaments.

I found The Quarter Mile Math to be the best no–frills, drill–based program to increase speed and accuracy quickly.

This drill–based program is easy to use; simply choose a subject and topic, the type of race you’ll compete in, a non-rider horse race or a dragster race, and the drill starts. When the race begins, math problems appear on the screen and as they are answered the car or horse advances. The races consist of six racers who represent the student and the student's previous scores, so one child can play and compete against their own previous scores. In the school version installed on a network, children can compete against each other in tournaments.

I had no problems installing The Quarter Mile Math program.

In terms of memorization and speed, this is the best program I found. The Quarter Mile Math is based totally on drills; it is suitable for all ages and abilities. This program could even help older students or adults who have gotten rusty on their multiplication tables.

The basics covered include counting, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fractions, measurements and money. However, the program also provides drills in keyboarding, letters, whole numbers, math strategies, estimation and more to total over 50 topics in more than 325 drills.

Educational Value:

Children of all ages can benefit from this extremely flexible program. If used often, the Quarter Mile Math program will increase children’s speed, math confidence and memorization abilities.

Any child with a competitive nature will enjoy the challenges presented by this program. This program also builds confidence even in those who are just learning math, since it enables players to compete against themselves, and they can watch how much they have improved by beating their previous scores.

Quarter Mile Math does not include high–end animations or interactive cartoon characters that some young children expect to find in software; however, despite the lack of cartoon qualities, I feel this program would be a good addition to a classroom or for children who need to increase their speed and math confidence.


The Quarter Mile Math program offers email and phone support as well as help within the software; however, the program is so simple that major technical problems are rare.

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