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Our family has not always used A Beka.  Our homeschool journey started with MUCH anxiety.  My husband and I both wanted to homeschool our children.  He was the income maker so I was the teacher.  I will never forget the very first item I every orderd was a Cathy Duffy book.  She gave her reviews on many homeschool curriculums.

I must have read that book over 100 times, and the highlighting!!  Let's just say it looked like a rainbow in that book.  There were coffee, tea and jelly spills on pages.  Dog ears and the side notes.  That book may be out of print now, but I still have it.  I don't think I will ever part with it {it's a memory thing}.

I had my selection narrowed down and showed my husband my picks of what I thought would be good for our family.  Funny thing is... A Beka was my TOP pick only it was ruled out for we just didn't have the money at that time.  We wanted something Bible based and so Rod and Staff was next on  my list.  My husband agreed that if that was what we should try then make an order.

I liked how the Teacher Manual pretty much laid things out for you and step by step {which was what I needed for I had NO clue on how to start}.  We loved this curriculum.  The girls really enjoyed it as well.  We went from 1st grade to about 4th grade.

They offered a wonderful english program.  I became worried though since I knew the girls wanted to attend college if Rod and Staff would be enough.  Some of their terminology was dated and at that time their math only went to 8th grade.  I knew they really needed to find a program that we could stick with all the way through highschool.

There is a lot of busy work, but remember it was designed for a traditional school setting.  So I would pick and choose what to use and not use for each class.  They received a FIRM foundation in Bible which was our main goal for school {and life}.  I love this company and hated to leave it but that is the great thing with homeschooling you can change as your needs change.  I would HIGHLY recommend this program but keep in mind Rod & Staff only goes so high in grade level.

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