Our Order Is IN!!!

I don't know how it is at your home, but here when our new school books arrive it's like CHRISTMAS!!!  Our new school year should be great fun.  We not only will be doing chemistry and geometry this year but it will be our first year with preschool!!

I never did the formal "preschool" with Katie and Mary but we all wanted to get the A Beka preschool books for Christia.  I must say that I was not only amazed and the quality but impressed with their whole set-up.  Katie and Mary were a little jealous that did not have the cute Button Bear and Amber Lamb books.  A Beka also gives you a print schedule of how you can teach your preschooler.

I think it will be fun that Christia will have her own little set up, for she is in the school room with Katie and Mary already.  Now she will have her special "school books". 

I'm very happy and totally pleased with A Beka Academy.  The girls learning habits have improved greatly.  There is NO WAY I could have taught girls the harder math and science programs.  I love to sit in on some of their class.  Their teachers are wonderful.  I wish I had had them when I was attending school.

My hat goes off to the ladies that teach these subjects.  I will be posting on how our year is going
Happy Homeschooling Everyone!!

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