Not Back To School Student Photos

This has been a FUN month!!  I have enjoyed learning about so many new homeschool families!  Thank you everyone for sharing. 

Here is our school photos:

This is our oldest Katie.  She is a hard worker and a FABULOUS cook.  Katie is very talented in the kitchen and with a needle.  Even though I have not shown her how to work the sewing machine, she made a skirt by HAND for a costume party of one of her friends ( she won first prize for BEST costume)!!

Here is daughter number 2 Maryanna.  We were so excited to see her honor roll student certificate from A Beka!!  She keeps my life organized (I would be under a mountain of paper work without her) and makes THE BEST homemade chocolate chip cookies!!

This is our youngest "Bean" (as we call her) Christia.  She is such a wonder!!  She is full of life and smart as can be.  This was taken at the library.  She LOVES books!!  She loves to dance and sing around the house.  She has made my journey with homeschooling continue...Thank you Lord!!

This is our schools {handsome} principal that we like to call Dad!!  He is SUPER!!

And this is Me {Lisa} the Teacher.

Thanks for stopping by and getting to know our family!!


  1. Cute~ loved the pictures! I am now following your blog & look forward to seeing more of your school year.

  2. Sweet photos :) I have 3 teens and a preschooler, so we're kind of in the same boat!

  3. I'm sure you have an interesting day with three so spread apart in age! :)

  4. We call our youngest, who is 5, Bean also! I don't think she will ever outgrow it. Great blog, btw I will be poking around a while!

  5. fun blog! I homeschool 3 boys.

    my youngest loves to cook and my middle is always using my sewing machine.
    My oldest just love designing things on the computer.



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