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I'm LOVING the 'Not Back To School' Blog Hop!!  I have enjoyed reading others blogs and finding new cool ideas!!  I'm late in posting our school room for I could NOT find the cord for the camera so that I could download the pictures.  FINALLY, I found it!! 

Okay, this week is about the school room.  I have to say that I am VERY blessed this year.  We have moved to a new home and I'm loving the space we have now.  Let me just say that it was not always this way.  Our family lived in a 750 square foot apartment one year and even though it was 'close living' I would not have changed a thing about moving there!!

Here we go:

This is called the 'game room' {which is upstairs} but we call it our high school!!  The girls set up their tables and chairs each morning before the start of school.  They have plenty of room and a nice view. 

Here you can see that our little "Bean" claims every room in the house!!

This is my desk.  I just love this area.  I have tons of storage space {which I need to organize!!} and plenty of counter space.

This is called the 'study or office' {which is downstair} but we call it our preschool!!  "Bean" and I have her school here.  If I bring her upstairs she wants to play with Katie and Mary and well....they just can't get school done, so.... I thought it would be could and since we have the space to have her downstairs and in a nice little room of her own.

I just LOVE her new table and chair set.  My darling M-I-L {mother-in-law} bought this for her as an early birthday gift... THANK YOU!!!  She just loves it as do I.  It was expsensive but this is a piece that can be passed down from family to family {I just love that idea for I have my husbands grandmothers dinning room set}.  We found this at Pottery Barn Kids.  Do you need this to teach your child??? NO, my older 2 did not have this and came out just fine!!

As you can see I try and keep colorful things all around.  She loves to sit at her chair and read her books.  No she is not reading yet, but she thinks she is...LOL!!!  I have my laptop computer set up in here as well and I have Pandora playing classical music while we learn.
Here is Dad and "Bean" color sorting cookies!!  We found this darling set at Lakeshore Learning.  Most of their items are expensive but I will stash back extra money in case I find something really cool there.
My rooms are neat as neat and organized as I would like them to be but we do enjoy our school rooms.


  1. Your desk area is great--lots of space to spread out! And the little table and chair is so cute!

    Have a great year of homeschooling!

  2. Looks like a great setup. I wish I could have a separate school room. We have to school at the kitchen table currently. Maybe one day...

  3. LOVE your desk! Fancy, fancy :) Glad to see you on the Faithful Friday Followers Hop. Look forward to seeing more of your blog!



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