Not Back To School A Day In The Life

First let me say that I have enjoyed this blog hop SO MUCH!!  Thank you to everyone that has stopped by to get to know our family and to those who follows us.  I appreciate you very much!  I have found some wonderful sites myself and I will share those in another blog post.

Now for OUR day in the life... This is how I would love for our school day to go.

High School starts at 8am with Bible first.  Christia and I join Kaite and Maryanna for the beginning of Bible class for Christia just loves to sing with the girls.  I enjoy it as well.  While the older girls get started on Bible, Christia and I go downstairs for our school time.  We start our day with prayer and then we start on our colors.

9am the older girls move to Geometry while Christia and I clean the kitchen.  Well, I clean the kitchen and Christia will have free play time.  When I'm done with the kitchen I start a load of laundry and Christia and I will read a story or play a color game.  10am  the older girls move to English and Christia and I work on her letters and numbers.  By this time Christia is ready for a snack, so we snack while we learn some table manners.  11am the girls come down for a snack themselves and they start working on Chemistry.  I start folding the laundry I started earlier and think about what's for lunch.  At noon everyone breaks for lunch and a movie {this includes Dad}.  1pm it's time for Spanish.  Christia loves to listen to Mrs. McLamb speak spanish so we will sit on Spanish 2 class for a while and I will let Christia play upstairs for a while OR we will go for a walk.  We love to go on walks when the weather is good and we will go on short walk when the weather is HOT...which is MOST of the time here in Texas!!  2pm and it;s the girls final class of the day US History.

NOW for the REAL day in the life at our house...
Christia and I got up today around 8am only to find out that this was NOT going to be a day that would go by the schedule.  Christia is teething and so she is running a fever and Katie and I just got finished cleaning up the floor and ourselves for Christia just threw up ALL over us and herself!  SIGH... school started late so that mean it will finish late  The girls eat their lunch while doing their Chemistry to try and make up for some lost time.  Since they did NOT finish their history homework that put history behind as well.  Christia and I just hung out on the couch for most of the day since she was not feeling well so no school work for her.  It's amost time for dinner and I have yet to go to the store for supplies.  Welcome to the real world.  I'm hoping tomorrow will be better.


  1. But that is one thing I love about HSing. It doesn't matter if everything sticks to a schedule.
    I enjoyed meeting you and your girls!
    Hope this is a great year, broken schedules and all.

  2. All too often, this is what our typical school day looks like! With six girls at home, chaos reigns more often than order...but that's okay, because the #1 rule in our home education journey is to LIVE it--flexibility is the name of the game!

    PS...I just stumbled across your blog from Heart of the Matter and was drawn to your blog title--up until last year, we had high school and preschool at the same time too! Now it's two graduates, preschool, and first grade, but it's neat to see I'm not the only one with challenges like a wide age gap!



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