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I'm so excited to be part of the 2010 NOT Back-to-School Blog Hop!!  Our school year started early this year (July 12,2010)  Reason...The older girls will be celebrating their 16th and 18th birthdays this year so we will be going to the beach in late September to early October.  I always like to have a 'cushion' so that if we have special things coming up OR even just unexpected sickness so we don't get behind.

We will be using A Beka Academy (DVD) for the older girls {11th grade} and I will be using A Beka Nursery books for our little one this year who will be 2 in December.  I never used curriculum for the older girls when they were young.  We just had fun and enjoyed ourselves and learning in the kitchen and at play.  My little "bean" has shown interest in learning, she loves books, blocks, coloring, etc. So we have decided to start early with her and see how it goes.  This is what I LOVE about being a homeschool mom.  You can change to what your family needs when they need it and not have to follow someone else plan that may or may not be good for your child.  So...

Here is what our day looks like:
Monday - Friday school starts at 8:00am and the girls follow this schedule:
Bible with Mr. McBride
Geometry (honors) with Mr. Collins
English with Mrs. Schmuck
Chemistry with Mrs. Hicks
Spanish 2 (honors) with Mrs. McLamb
US History with Mr. McBride

Monday - Friday
We will be learning our colors and shapes then we will move on to our ABC's and numbers.  We will also have some great craft projects that we will be doing.  These projects are easy and develope their motor skills.  We will also be reading about Amber Lamb and learning about developing our character.  I also have a great song books for learning fun children's songs and a book full of children's poems and finger play.  All of this we bought from A Beka Book.  Do you need to buy all these books for a  2 year old??  NO for I DID NOT with the older girls.  Christia works well with books and such this why I'm doing things in a different way with her.  At this age the key to success is having fun and make learning FUN for them and they will want to learn all the time.  In all our school time for nursery school be a total of 30 minutes stretched out through the day.  Of course learning will not stop for she will be helping me in the kitchen count beans, and cups.  We will enjoy saying our ABC while washing dishes.  I wash she has fun playing in the water!!  This gets her use to being in the kitchen and learning about the jobs she will be doing.

I'm looking forward to seeing what others are using this year.  Happy Homeschooling Everyone!!


  1. I have an older daughter (6th grade) and three younger ones ages 5, 2 and 10 months. I always like coming across families that have a variety of ages like mine!

    Thank you for sharing in such detail all that you are using and how you plan to use it!

    We began our school year earlier too--back in May. Blessings to you for a great rest of the school year!

  2. Hey! I'm coming over from Hip Homeschool Hop. Thanks for linking up with us today. Dont forget a new linkup and giveaways are posted each Tuesday. I cannot wait to get to know you/your blog better!


  3. High school to pre-school...Wow you are a homeschool super-Mom for sure!

    Thank you so much for joining the Hip Homeschool Hop today.

    Blessings to you,
    The Homeschool Chick

  4. We are using Abeka too for my 2nd grader... What are the nursery books like? I have a 2 year old too...

    I had to smile at the English teacher's name... Mrs. Schmuck? Poor thing!

    I did some video classes in high school... think I had Mrs. Hicks...

  5. Hi, from the blog hop! I don't have nearly the age spread you do - just age 9 to 4...but with a baby being added into the loop, too! Hope you can visit me (over at #183, and my curriculum post is at :^)



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