Happy New Year!!

WOW!!  What a year this has been.  Sorry for being so quite on the old blogger.  Our preschool is gaining a new student.  Tom and I are happy to announce baby #4.  It's a BOY!!  Little Thomas will be due in May.  Tom and I are seeing that our Highschool to Preschool will pretty soon be just preschool.  Katie and Mary have one more year of highschool when they finish with this year.

It may be time for a blog name change soon... COLLEGE to Preschool, wow, that is scary!!  I think with the new year coming and so many changes with our family that I made need to make some blog updates.  I'm in the "blog cleaning" mood!!  Is anyone with me???

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!  May the light of God shine down on you and your family!!!

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